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Finally... A Revolutionary Way to Manage Patient Care

Top ranked medical clinics throughout the country examine patients with teams of physicians who collaborate to give patients a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. TeleHear allows you to get the best treatment and rehabilitation plan from a team of hearing care providers who are nationally accredited, have years of experience, and come highly recommended from their past patients. You get to see your local state licensed hearing care provider in addition to our national experts who will collaborate to provide you with a diagnosis and prescribe the treatment to overcome your hearing deficit. Working as a team, we have been able to solve longstanding hearing issues that patients were forced to suffer with for many years because the treatment they tried in the past did not work. Countless patients who enjoyed their TeleHear consults now hear AND understand the voices of their friends and loved ones because they were given the proper diagnosis and treatment. Better yet, in today’s struggling economy, we do this at price points lower than we have ever offered in the past. TeleHear simply offers you access to the best providers, top-of-the-line treatment options, at a price point never offered before.

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Once VSee is installed you will be placed in the virtual waiting room until one of our TeleHear experts can connect with you. Consult Now

How Does This Benefit You?

TeleHearing allows our team of hearing experts to consult with your local provider to best manage your patient care. Patients and their family members who have the opportunity to participate in this care delivery model get the benefit of years of combined experience between our providers who specialize in hearing loss and tinnitus treatment. You also receive consultations on the most up-to-date cutting edge technology and benefit from live demonstrations of state-of-the-art hearing aids combined with financial discounts not offered to other patients. TeleHearing gives you the confidence of multiple expert opinions regarding your hearing health. Contact our office to schedule your FREE TeleHear appointment.

Why Do Patients Love This Approach?

Patients have reported that they loved the interaction and it felt like our Doctors are in the room sitting next to them throughout the consultation. Patients and their family members enjoy the ability to ask questions directly to our expert who can address their individual needs and customize a treatment plan. Patients loved that the local provider can work directly with our expert to optimize fitting prescriptions and follow up care.

How long does it take?

Our TeleHearing consults generally last 20-30 minutes with the Hearing Expert. The Hearing Expert reviews the medical and hearing history as well as the current test results during the consultation. The patient is then counseled on the treatment options that are available and the best rehabilitation plan is chosen. The TeleHearing Health Professional will consult with you and your local provider to ensure you are getting the best care.

What type of patients do you see?

Our Experts see all new patients who are scheduled in our clinics. Even if a patient currently wears hearing aids, our experts will consult with them at their first visit to our office. We also encourage patients who may be frustrated with their current hearing aids or patients who are experiencing repair issues to consult with our TeleHearing Experts. Our Experts have been authorized by the manufacture to offer trade-in incentives on old hearing aids. This can save you thousands of dollars on new top-of-the-line hearing aids giving you the best treatment solutions we have available.

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